Have Always Been I Doing Something Amiss?

Have Always Been I Doing Something Amiss?

by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, Clinical Psychologist and eHarmony Founder


I’ve been with eHarmony for 6-7 months and now have been wanting to fulfill somebody with either little if any success. Like I am doing something wrong although I consider myself to be a nice guy, it feels. The thing is we don’t understand what. I have already been trying so difficult and it’s also making therefore unfortunate that I don’t understand what to accomplish. Personally I think like you’ll find nothing i will do appropriate. So what can i actually do?
Robert in Woodland Hills, CA


Many thanks to take the time and energy to submit your concern. Having persistence whenever trying to find just the right individual up to now that you may be doing something wrong and then possibly that there may be something wrong with you while you are single can perhaps lead to you to believe.

I would like to ensure you that both responses are completely normal but talk to two really important points that I’d as you to think about. […]