The government will pay the interest on your loan on your behalf during this period.

The government will pay the interest on your loan on your behalf during this period.


In the event that you be eligible for the Deferred Payment Arrange, it’s possible to settle your education loan according to your economic capability as well as your family members situation, whether or not the loan had been removed beneath the Loans and Bursaries Program or perhaps the Loans system for Part-Time Studies.

You shall never be expected to repay this quantity.

If you wish to get an estimate of the payment per month beneath the Deferred Payment Arrange predicated on your economic and household circumstances, you should use the payment per month calculation simulator.

The Deferred Payment Plan lets you repay your education loan despite your difficulties that are financial.

Essential! Your application for the Deferred Payment Arrange is a consignment from you. Should a month-to-month repayment be required of you once Aide financiere aux etudes has analyzed the application, your standard bank is immediately notified and can withdraw this quantity from your own account in each one of the half a year covered by the application.

Arrange limitations

The time period covered by your application will generally be six months and will be established by taking account of your request to take advantage of the relief measure for repaying your student loan and the information in your file if you qualify for the Deferred Payment Plan. It can be lower than half a year in the event that you go back to your studies throughout the duration included in the application or reach the combined 60-month life time restriction.

You may restore you application to take part in this plan. But, you need to observe that you need certainly to submit a unique application for every six-month duration by which your want to make use of the intend to make sure that you qualify. […]