Child-bride: Agency and Marriage in Asia

Child-bride: Agency and Marriage in Asia

On her behalf last task as a Doyle Undergraduate Fellow, Devika Ranjan explored the intersection of governmental movie theater and social justice. Through a number of blogs, she engages problems of faith, women’s rights, and free message in Southern Asia.


On stage appropriate, a party course in southern Pakistan. Young girls learn how to dance traditional Kathak, telling tales along with their motions. They tap out rhythms along with their foot, gradually learning because their TEACHER repositions.

TEACHER: Left, right, appropriate, left. On stage kept, a road theater performance when you look at the design of forum theater. Readers people surround the scene, and jump in to the performance as invited.

The daddy, MOM, and PROTAGONIST are actors.

FATHER: I have discovered you a spouse; he can spend a price that is good. That’s the end for the conversation.

MOM: But this woman is just 10!

PROTAGONIST: What could I do?! […]