Activities to do after good intercourse

Activities to do after good intercourse

The cuddling up can wait. Here is what you should do!

Wipe your personal area with a moderate, fragrance-free detergent, after intercourse in order to prevent the possibility of microbial infection.

Where do you turn after intercourse?

Do you realy cuddle as much as one another for a little?

Can you change and get to sleep straight away?

Or do you realy perhaps go directly to the bathroom?

We concentrate a complete lot om what we do throughout the deed, yet not on things you can do after intercourse.

But exactly what you are doing after intercourse is very important so we’re not only speaking about cuddling right right here.

Your post-coitus behaviour may have a huge effect on your wellbeing.

So just how should you choose to go about investing very first couple of minutes post sex? Well, the answers are had by us.

To make sure your health that is reproductive is, you can easily follow these essential actions.

Urinate as soon as you’re done

Urinating post intercourse can possibly prevent femal […]