The best Help Guide to Selecting A artist Web Site Builder

The best Help Guide to Selecting A artist Web Site Builder

In February of 2018, we surveyed over 1,000 performers to inquire about them just what a common internet site builders are. This website post breaks down that study and shows the absolute most popular web site builders among expert fine designers. We additionally breakdown the general satisfaction with each provider.

Initial details about the study

Nearly 20% regarding the musicians surveyed did have a website n’t after all. That’s surprising in 2018 and reflects a reticence by designers to conform to marketing that is modern. This mirrors data from other well understood studies that demonstrate that numerous art galleries don’t have a strategy for electronic marketing.

Of the that do have a webpage, 70% had been built by internet site builders. The rest of the 30% were built that is custom because of the designers by themselves or by a internet designer which they hired. Artists shared that their custom sites price that is median within the $2000 – $3000 range, with outliers ranging in to the $15,000 range.

Many artist that is popular builders

Below we digest each internet site provider, to be able of appeal. […]