A list of words is established: Add Comment Round Table “Children, adults, building together a participatory democracy in the city, at school …” By Claude Beaunis on 07/09/11 – 1:41 p.m.

A list of words is established: Add Comment Round Table “Children, adults, building together a participatory democracy in the city, at school …” By Claude Beaunis on 07/09/11 – 1:41 p.m. in: Nord Pas-de-Calais Congress> conference pedagogical principles Company> rights of the child ICEM Congress Villeneuve d’Ascq Friday, August 26, 2011 Add comment body school: space + EPS by Michele Comte 29/08/11 – 8:52 in: Nord Pas-de-Calais has made Congress> educational workshop EPS Principles> educational Techniques child rights> classroom organization> life class workshop Wednesday 24.08.2011 GD 31 worked throughout the year on the body too often neglected by the educational system that promotes rather the cognitive aspect. Add new comment 1 2 next> last »
3 Results The prince and princess Prenovel For School – cycle 2 on 03/02/11 – 5:20 p.m.

In Creation, Expression French> Scripture-reading There was once a prince who lived in a castle with a princess. Philippine 2010-2011 More Guess my number Prenovel For School – cycle 2 on 21/10/10 – 11:23 In: Math> Retrieves count my number of these numbers: 38 – 83 – 13 – 31 – 39 – 93 – 12 – 21 – 23 – 32 Ilana Clemence Camille Philippine 2010-2011 3 comments Guess my number, answers Prenovel For School – cycle 2 on 21/10/10 – 11:27 In: Math> count Here are the answers: Ilana Camille Philippine Clemence 2010-2011 Learn more

1 result Results Make links to learn by Remi Jacquet on 15/01/10 – 2:56 p.m. In: Gr. Math Analysis Math Science and Techno Teaching Techniques> living calculation pedagogical principles> natural method pedagogical principles> experimental trial and error learning techniques> Creation mathematics teaching techniques> defimath teaching techniques> math research Here is an excerpt of the debate “what future for math? “January 8, 2010 on France Culture 1 attachment

By Celine Puyo on 15/03/15 – 2:19 p.m. In: Southwest> GD 64 – Pyrenees Atlantiques account Life Meeting of i make my homework
the cooperative class citizenship Proceedings of ICEM 64 meeting of February 14, 2015. Present: Celine Isabelle M Christine Alexandra Karine P Emilie and Delphine.

And we have joined Claude afternoon. Excused: Marie B. Marie TH, Maguy, Agnes, Emmanuelle, Karine B, Martine, I) What nau. Main themes: – the resumption of work and fears – the meeting with Genevieve Ponton Psychomot here are the coordinates: 21 Rue des Palombes, 64000 Pau May 59 27 15 71 – difficulties to work in teams where some colleagues are hard, unjust , off ….. etc. – the balance sheet period end with his students: what have you learned?

What did you like? – moments of training and professional meetings. – the difficulties facing our students in difficulties. Closing thoughts: “we can not do more than better ” if not evil, everything is better” hum!

II) CA. – Aix Congress in August: call for applications for major witnesses in the regional groups. – CA National Icem: 12 proposals for school (see doc attachments.) – Collective secular 64: March 8 …… but missed ok to receive information about upcoming meetings. – Elections office: Elected unanimously: Celine -‘s President and; Christine – secretary; Alex – Treasurer -; Karine P adjointe- treasurer; Julie – Deputy President. III) Stores.

1) Sanctions: why, how and tutti …….. cuanti. – In cooperative class, according to Sylvain Connac in Learning with pedagogies cooperative difference is made between: ° = the law erected between adults, not transigeable ° Rule of Life = erected in the classroom to the school, editable if needed. ° the Code of Conduct = erected during the board for Living together editable. – Presentation by Alexandra belts. The first belt that says “I try ………” should be acquired by all students to include in the group and make it more attractive for the refractories.

There is also an adult belt. Emilie and Delphine have in turn cintas college and discussion is rich in exchange and learning. According Connac a golden belt makes it possible to locate outside the group for a period of time to blow. A red belt out the danger for the individual and for the group. Only a table and reporting.

The sanction must be restorative, “did you hurt the group, you need to repair at group level” How to make the system sexy and attractive for those who are not fit and cares (schoolboy): the group must make it clear to the individual that the system is as good as him ….. “for example, in kindergarten, the sanction to violence, how to react? – The PCERA or “successful contract” may be a solution. Each end of the day, a review with the student is done on a few goals.

No more than three a contract that can vary over time. – Corner blowing is also a very poetic idea: a mobile hangs in class and when we feel anger or violence itself up, we can go blow on the mobile! – In college, choosing the system of sanctions might be a way to make efficient living together in this “complicated age.” Either the belt or the contract to the day, be … ……. see: my first diary. COOP-OCCE. http://www.occe.coop/agenda/spip.php?rubrique3 – Life Charter (GFEN) is built in the first advice: inventory needs, expectations, contributions, limitations of everyone in the group. (Celine no longer approach Claude?) Conclusion: Here some ways to punish objectively and fairly.

No miracle solution. Christine needs to PJ docs on the penalty too. 2) Tutoring, how to help? – With belts, one that has cptces can help each other. – In the work plan, 2 boxes are there: “I helped qqu’un / I was helped.” – guardian of the patent (see docs pj): Here in short steps of the process: ° discussion on the meaning of tutoring. ° In consulting, application support / tutoring. ° Contract signed with teacher. – Shoring according Bruner, what is a help? : Enrollment (qq’un helps train the child in the design work), reducing the degree of freedom (it reduces possible), maintaining the orientation (the tutor helps maintain attention Cape), signaling the defining characteristics and demonstration or presentation possible. – Games possible role to show the effectiveness of the working group, to be in two or more in a job to do: mountain landscape description (single) and sea (Group) or texts holes / 20 do alone or with others.

The result of these role playing is always better when done several = sense of cooperative work here. Conclusion Tutoring can be implemented in one interview or consulting; the child can ask for help but adults may also offer a student to be assisted by a peer. A listing tool was designed by the group for the implementation of mentoring (PJ) Attachment Size stage_tuteur.odt 8.46 KB Add Comment Please share the fruits of your cooperation By Visitor, 03/17/15 – 23: 09.

Congratulations for the work and for the quality of shared reflections. I would like to meet with you during one of your next meetings. In the Landes, there is not (yet) GD and we participate regularly (with a colleague) to the GD33 meetings. And I’m curious about your approaches to Freinet that seem interesting as well.

Perhaps May 30? Good continuation. Michael micalofree.fr answer
1 Result Results Printing in school – The result sets of experience in: The School Emancipated For teachers review in July 1926 https://www.icem-pedagogie-freinet.org/sites/default/files/241_sommaire pdf 1 attachment
Results 1-10 of 23 results Enfantines No.

15 – Evening Tales In: Enfantines Publishing Printing at the School For students For teachers review December 1929 Learn more Enfantines 11 – The coal In: Enfantines Editions of Printing at the school for students for teachers review in June 1929 Author: Arms school – Var more Enfantines No. 10 – Francois in the little shepherd: Enfantines Publishing Printing at the school for students for teachers magazine May 1929 Author: school of Saint-Marguerite-de-Queyrieres – Haute-Alpes more Enfantines 9 – fireside in: Enfantines Publishing Printing at the school for students to teachers review in March 1929 more Enfantines No.

7 – so great party! In: Enfantines Publishing Printing at the School For students For teachers review in January 1929 More Printing in school No. 25 – August 1929 – Special Edition In: Imprimerie in the School Publishing of printing at the School for teachers review instructional techniques> tools> teaching Techniques file> printing August 1929 Authors: A. Pages, Freinet, Franz Jeitler G. Cazanave, Lavit, ML Lagier Bruno , Maradene Remy Hose Roger Gauthier and Y. Romeas Pages more printing in school No. 27 – November 1929 in: the printing Publishing at the school of printing in the school for teachers review Languages> Esperanto Art> Cinema pedagogical techniques> tools> teaching Techniques file> audiovisual equipment> radio pedagogical techniques> printing November 1929 Authors: Celestin Freinet Lavit, ML Lagier Bruno, Maradene Remy Hose and Ruch InMore Printing in school No 28 – December 1929 In: The Printing Publishing at the School of Printing in the School For Teachers Review Languages> Esperanto Art> Cinema pedagogical techniques> Tools> Technical file teaching> audiovisual equipment> radio pedagogical techniques> printing December 1929 Authors: Alberthe Faure, Freinet, G.

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